Breast augmentation surgery is becoming one of the most widely practiced types of cosmetic surgery. Also known as breast augmentation mammoplasty, the procedure involves the inserting of silicone or saline breast implants to increase the volume and prominence of the breasts. The most promising candidates for this procedure are women who, due to pregnancy or weight loss, have lost breast volume or symmetry. Restoring normal body proportions can also have an uplifting effect on a woman's identity and self-esteem.
Right And Wrong Reasons For Breast Cosmetic Surgery
For every good reason for undergoing cosmetic surgery, a woman can be motivated by an equally superficial or misguided one. Women will be disappointed with the results of any cosmetic procedure if it is done to gain attention or love from someone else. Spending thousands in the futile hope that enlarging ones breasts will bring happiness occurs all too often. For those women who are already blessed with a feminine figure, they may consider non-surgical options to enhance or accentuate your figure.

Ideal Candidates For Breast Implants
If you are a woman who has had children and is experiencing a decrease in breast volume due to breast feeding, breast implants can restore your pre-nursing silhouette. Weight gain often brings with it an increase in breast volume, and conversely losing weight can result in smaller breasts, even disproportionately so. In some cases where the breasts also sag or are pendulous, breast implants alone will not suffice. An additional procedure, called a breast lift will help bring the breasts up into a more youthful position.

A Word About Surgical Risks
In preparation for any surgical procedure, including breast augmentation, you will be required to review with your surgeon, any medical conditions you have, allergies, and current medications. In addition, you will be informed of the rare but real risks involved with having breast implants and the surgical procedure involved. You will be asked to sign a surgical consent form which indicates that you have been so advised and understand the risks. Any surgical procedure can result in infection, allergic reaction, and other complications. Though rare, you need to be vigilant for signs of these reactions. The information in this website should not be used as a substitute for the advice and instructions given to you by your cosmetic surgeon. Use the information presented here as a springboard for doing more research and comparisons as you consider breast augmentation as an informed choice.
What You Need To Know
If you feel that enlarging or enhancing your breasts would significantly improve your appearance and want to research your options, we can help. Compare the different surgical and non-surgical options to see which ones fit your needs. See why consulting the right cosmetic surgeon with the right credentials and experience is crucial to obtaining the results you expect. Become aware of the two types of breast implant prostheses, silicone and saline, their strengths and weaknesses. Read about the surgical facilities where this procedure is done, how to prepare for your procedure, and your post-operative recovery. Learning what to expect will allay many fears women have about cosmetic breast surgery.
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