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Since there is a world of half-truths and downright misconceptions about cosmetic breast surgery, we have decided to make our site one which places the truth about breast implants in its true perspective. With so many people opting for implants today, it became evident to us that the Internet may be the best way to compare facts. Cosmetic breast surgery is a developing science and while it has become popular, there are still some who do not have all the necessary information before they commit to this significant surgery.

We have answers to important questions such as: whether breast implants are permanent; can one breastfeed with implants; what else can be done to improve a woman's figure? All good questions lead to other questions, and that is our purpose: to get the wheels in motion toward obtaining the answers you need to make an informed decision. We hope that, after reading the information on our site, you will see that there is a lot to learn about cosmetic breast augmentation, and to consider yourself for this type of surgery requires intellectual honesty and knowing all of the facts. We do not intend this information to be a substitute for the advice you may receive from your cosmetic surgeon.

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