Women who have sought to restore their bodies to more attractive proportions after breastfeeding or weight loss find that breast implant surgery is an effective, safe, and long-lasting option to padded bras, herbal remedies, or other less effective modalities. After exploring this site, begin your own research by gathering information about implant options, surgeon's qualifications, and local surgical centers that offer this procedure. Read the countless testimonials from women who have experienced a gratifying physical and emotional transformation from breast implants.
Anatomic Implants
The standard prosthesis used in breast enlargement surgery is round and symmetrically biconvex in shape. When introduced under the chest wall, it has a tendency to spread out without much forward projection. Although this is not always the case, and usually results in a satisfactory filling out of the breast area, another style of implant is available that some cosmetic surgeons tout as an improvement. Anatomic or high profile implants, are teardrop shaped and were developed for reconstructive mammoplasty, being shaped to provide more forward projection than the standard silicone or saline augmentation. Some cosmetic surgeons have adopted the anatomic version as their preferred device.

Textured Surface Or Smooth?
In addition to the shape and size variations of breast implants, they are also manufactured with either the more popular smooth surface or with a textured surface. Textured implants were originally thought to prevent or minimize contracture of the capsular cavity. Definitive proof of this claim has yet to be documented. Evidence is now growing that due to the rigidity of its thicker covering, textured breast prostheses tend to rupture more easily than the more popular smooth ones.

The Implant Redo
It is generally accepted that there is a seven to ten year life expectancy for breast enlargement surgeries. At some point in that time frame, or sooner, implants can rupture due to material weakening. Whether the breast enlargement device is filled with saline or silicone, replacing it as soon as possible is recommended to minimize shrinkage of the pocket. Other reasons for an implant redo are to go to a larger size, to improve comfort and appearance, or to correct a capsular contracture. The redo procedure is usually less expensive, creates less discomfort, and is quicker healing that the original breast implant surgery. A consult with your local cosmetic surgeon will allay any concerns that remain about breast implants.

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