Women sometimes pay a double price for breastfeeding or weight loss in the form of decreased breast volume and relaxed tissues that support and suspend the breasts. Consequently, a woman will appear at a cosmetic surgeon's office with what she sees as multiple problems, decreased breast volume, breast asymmetry, and pendulous, sagging breasts. Breast implants in themselves only take care of the volume problem. Cosmetic surgeons will also recommend a procedure known as a breast lift or mastopexy to remove excess skin and tighten supporting tissue to make the breasts more shapely.
Types Of Lift Procedures
Basically, there are two types of breast lift surgical procedures: a peri-areolar or Benelli procedure around the nipple or an anchor shaped incision is made including around the nipple and under the lower edge of the breast. The Benelli procedure is usually sufficient for women with moderate sagging, in which the skin is tightened around the nipple to add projection and contour. The anchor procedure is reserved for more advanced degrees of sagging in which the nipple is elevated and excess skin from the lower surface of the breast is removed, This effectively raises the breast and creates a more youthful contour.

Cost Of Mastopexy Breast Surgery
In that the breast lift procedure is more invasive and requires greater expertise, the cost can range from $3000 to $5000. Consider also that breast implants may also be inserted to add volume. With the nipples raised and the breasts suspended in a more natural position, most women who undergo this procedure are thrilled with their new shape.

Length Of Lift Surgery Effects
Cosmetic surgeons who perform this type of procedure will advise their patients that due to the forces of gravity and elasticity, the results of their cosmetic surgery will probably only be temporary. At some point, hopefully in the distant future, a woman may find that her breasts have begun to sag once again over time. The effects of mastopexy can be extended by wearing a supportive bra that will take some of the tension off breast tissue.

Profile Of A Successful Breast Lift Surgery Candidate
To minimize scarring, achieve the best possible results, and avoid complications, women who opt for breast lift surgery must be in good general health, have a low breast volume with sagging, aged 21 and over, and do not plan to reduce their weight or breastfeed in the near future. The resulting scarring from these procedures can be reduced with assiduous attention to the post-operative instructions. Most women will experience some scarring that improves over the next two or three months. Scars continue to remodel even beyond that point. A successful candidate for breast lift surgery will experience the benefits of healthier appearing body that will continue to bring her confidence and pride for years.

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